BIP Specialities has delivered sustainable chemical processing by recovering and recycling for over 25 years. Our speciality resides in research and development of fine chemicals particularly from lab research, lab trials to full plant scale-up for bespoke molecules and ester synthesis.

We use our flexible resources and substantial experience to deliver valuable materials back to our customers. Where possible we return viable product recovery from waste streams, which we feel is more innovative and environmentally friendly.

Our expertise allows us to form strong relationships with our customers, enabling them to focus on core activities by assisting them with subsidiary problems – process development / optimisation, new product development, waste minimisation, or improving raw material and energy utilisation.

We offer full toll and custom manufacturing services.

Some methodologies we have put into manufacturing include Friedel-Crafts, Mitsunobu, SNAr, Esterifi ation, Amidation, Lactam cyclisation, and catalytic variants of the Ullmann and Goldberg reactions. Initial evaluation of your project is available free of charge, and we can develop and optimise a process for you from as little as a basic reaction scheme.

Since inception in 1991, we have worked with many satisfied customers from small one off jobs to many years of exclusive manufacture on large scale for multinational partners.

BIP Specialities Facilities

BIP Specialitis have full in-house engineering capabilities, plant and laboratory facilities. This agility and flexibility gives niche competitive advantage.

Some of our facilities are listed below.

  • Over 320,000 L of total processing capacity
  • Mix of glass-lined and stainless steel vessels, 100 L to 30,000 L
  • Services include vacuum to 1 mbar, hot oil to 250°C, Steam to 100 psi, Cryogenic capability
  • Pressure reactions to 100 Bar
  • Large scale vacuum fractionation (8, 11, 22 and 32 plate columns) and single plate distillation
  • Wide choice of filtration equipment
  • Up to 48 inch centrifuges, Funda filter, pan filters, agitated filter/drier
  • 700 L, 2000 L, and 2 x 6000 L vacuum powder driers
  • Over 1,500,000 L of bulk storage including
  • Bunded drum storage area
  • Two tanker weighbridges
  • Modern Process Research Laboratory.
  • Radleys parallel experimentation equipment
  • Lab scale jacketed vessels to mimic plant equipment (1 L – 20 L), data logging
  • Literature searching via Reaxys to apply innovative methodology where appropriate
  • On-site HPLC, GC, XRF, UV/vis and FTIR analysis
  • Next day NMR and LC-MS contract service
  • Full In-house engineering design and fabrication capability
  • Pipefitting, machining, plasma arc cutting, coded welding.
  • Extensive spare plant inventory

BIP Specialities

Fine Chemical Manufacturing

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